26:00 Kanji Mousepad


Our "2600" kanji mousepad. Originating from the name FUTAROKU (short Japanese for "26:00"), it's an ode to those who stay up until the late hours of the night continuing to grind, queue, rank up, level up, etc.

This large mousepad is designed and built to be placed to the right or left of your keyboard. It gives enough breathing room for your mouse to scroll across 3 monitors or perform those 360 noscopes. The back is made of a high quality natural rubber, it has a durable fray-proof stitch frame, and it's completely machine-washable. The 5mm thickness gives extra padding so it also doubles as a wrist rest.

The material is soft enough that it doubles as a wrist rest and makes it easy to roll it up and carry around.

Color: Black
Size: 400mm x 300mm x 5mm
Surface type: Cloth
Material: Polyester/natural rubber